ST. NICK (2009) / Executive Producer
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St. Nick is the story of a brother and sister on the run. He’s eleven, she’s nine. They’ve left their home for some unknown reason, and are living in the woods, hiding in barns and sheds, doing what they can to survive. As the bitter Texas winter sets in, they strike up residence in an abandoned house and, for a brief, bittersweet period, manage to escape the harsh realities of their circumstances.

Tucker Sears, Savanna Sears, Barlow Jacobs, Mara Lee Miller, Harry Goaz

David Lowery

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2009 AFI Dallas | Grand Jury Prize for Texas Filmmaking
2009 Sidewalk | Special Jury Prize for Mise-en-scène
2009 St. Louis Int’l Film Festival | New Filmmakers Forum Award


  • “Without a doubt, the best film at SXSW 2009 was writer-director David Lowery’s lovely, lived-in, slow-burning debut feature St. Nick.”
    Aaron Hillis, GreenCine Daily
  • “This is a film that keeps going – in your head as you think about what was going on, in the car on the way home as you talk about what may have really been going on.”
    Tom Maurstad, Dallas Morning News
  • St. Nick is a stunning film… With absolutely astonishing imagery, evocative soundscapes, heartbreakingly smart and subtle performances, and a story that reveals layer after layer of complexity, David Lowery has built a masterpiece of introspection and exploration.”
    Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Flavorwire
  • “…the film matures from a study of actions infused with a quiet magic, to a study of inaction, of waiting and drifting telegraphing an increasingly palpable sense of fear and dread.”
    Karina Longworth,
  • “This is a quiet, brilliant and heartbreaking film…”
    Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

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2009 SXSW Film Festival (World Premiere, March 2009)
2009 AFI Dallas International Film Festival
2009 Sarasota Film Festival
2009 Acadiana Film Festival
2009 Modern Til’ Midnight | Lone Star Film Society
2009 Maryland Film Festival
2009 Waterfront Film Festival
2009 Rawstock Film Festival
2009 Rooftop Films; Brooklyn, NY
2009 Langdon Review
2009 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival
2009 Calgary International Film Festival
2009 Indie Memphis Film Festival
2009 St. Louis International Film Festival
2009 Cucalorus Film Festival
2009 Starz Denver Film Festival
2009 Thessaloniki International Film Festival
2009 ReelTime @ The Radio Room; Grand Junction, CO
2010 92Y Tribeca; New York, NY
2010 Titanic Budapest Film Festival
2010 360 | 365 Film Festival


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