The Acting Stylings of Adam “Drama” Donaghey

Hey-o! Adam here! Along with being a hip indie film producer, I’m also an accomplished actor! Some of my more notable roles include Marching Vampire #1, Creepy Older Nerd Guy and Evil Jock!

Check out my reel!

Some of my skills include: the art of nun-chuck fighting, various hip-hop dancing moves, sweet jumps on a Schwinn, paper football, nude ice skating and I can muster accents of various dialects and languages. I’m 6′ 1″ but can totally pull off 6′ 0″ or 6′ 2″, but 6′ 3″ is pushing it.

Some of my honors include: Honor Roll in high school, self-taught actor, dancer, songwriter and comedian, platinum member of various adult-themed cabarets across the country, and lots and lots of compliments from all sorts of important people. I also have a driver’s license and carry several, major credit cards in my wallet.

Here are some screen shots from the major motion pictures I’ve been involved with:


Police Officer in the film ST. NICK

Police Officer in the film ST. NICK

Marching Vampire #1 in the film BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY

Marching Vampire #1 in the film BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY

I make two appearances in the next film!

Black Chewbacca in the film KIDDO!

Black Chewbacca in the film KIDDO!

Creepy Older Nerd Guy in the film KIDDO!

Creepy Older Nerd Guy in the film KIDDO!

As you can plainly see, I can play a variety of characters, all complete with different traits and characteristics and different characters. So, please email me with your acting opportunities.

A dear friend of mine–also trying to break into acting–once wrote:

I would really like to stop eating cat food and drinking spoiled milk. I cannot take it anymore! I think I’m going to turn into a cat pretty soon! Please audition me, hire me, and use me as a consistent and regular actor for your current and future film productions. Sir/Madam, I know that I am an unknown to you, to the business, and to the industry-at-large, but “unknowns” have proved time-and-time-again to be huge money-makers & rating-boosters for the company that dared took a chance.

Well, I too am an unknown talent, right now, but my ridiculous work ethic to be the best, my Unique
Selling Propositions (USP), my never-ending patience, my natural and fresh look, my charismatic and charming persona, my trained and experienced abilities and appeal, I’m sure, will lead me to great success in this industry.

I am confident that, if you take a chance on me, your decision to do so will pay huge dividends.

Whatever I have to do, whatever I have to say, whatever you need done, whatever it takes, I’ll do it!

I believe this is the right time, the right place, the right role, with the right company to launch from.

I am vehemently looking for, waiting for, and praying for my big break in this industry which has abundantly blessed yourself and others. My big break, yes it’s for me but it’s also to fulfill my vision of helping other actors like me.

I have a burning passion and hunger to artistically express the multi-faceted dimensions and
characteristics of the human spirit via film, television, and commercial media. It would be an honor
to showcase my talents for you.


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